We provide and facilitate the complete transaction and payment processes

Top-up services

Managing the prepay reload process is a significant cost for mobile operators. Liquix reload and transaction processing solutions support mutiple sales channels such as web, SMS, periodic, automatic and IVR, by providing the end user with a high degree of convenience.

Monetizing base

Liquix creates possibilities for the operators to monetize their subscriber base through the introduction of our unique booster functionality. As such the Operators will increase their ARPU, leverage retention programmes and enhance the overall usability of the Mobile app's.

Payment processing

Our fully redundant and PCI certified platform generates, validates and distributes payments from a variety of sales/reload channels. In addition Liquix also takes care of the complete reconciliation, settlement and dunning processes.

Business intelligence

The Liquix Business intelligence engine transforms raw Operator Data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. The Liquix BI engine can handle enormous amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and otherwise create new top-up business opportunities.

Mobile Applications

Liquix develops and supports apps for all the mobile operating systems such as IOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry. The Liquix top-up app's facilitates functionality such as balance checks, reload and bundle activations.

Gateway solutions

Liquix offers full gateway services for processing transactions. Liquix ensures a single interface connecting to the provider’s financial systems and applications.